Sunday, December 21, 2008

Stars for Christmas

Rosa 'Honey Moon'

I Flower, I Goat...

My first installation of flowers at our favourite 'local' - the Mountain Goat Brewery in Richmond.

The Goat is a brewery with an environmental conscience and passion for real beer, nothing like the big end of town. Great pizzas from the bar with all of their regular beers and specials on tap. Hidden down an industrial backstreet in typical Melbourne fashion, its housed in a an old tannery warehouse with huge ceilings and a minimalist fitout. A very funky bar sits just opposite the brewing tanks, with furniture made from old packing crates or quirky second hand pieces. Its only open two nights a week, which is part of its charm, or it can be booked for private functions on a Saturday.

The gorgeous rough rawness of the place makes it such a great place for a dress up party and a very funky space for flowers. So many options for flowers!! Massive, tall arrangements can be placed centered on the tables, or the shoulder height ledge running around the end wall could be lined with bottles of single blooms... Can't wait to sink my teeth in next year. 

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The one use I have for silver spray paint...

Whilst I'm not usually a huge fan of florists using spray paint, every now and then it can be used in a cute way. I love the viburnum berry painted silver - just like little baubles. Since we won't be here Christmas Day I figure this will make a lovely little "tree"!

...and the pile of twigs lying in our courtyard made a very nice 'drop sheet'. 

Luckily the passionfruit flower managed to escape a coat. 

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Today's favourite... yellow cymbidium orchids, miniature pineapples and blackberries, with xanadu leaves and hellebore foliage. 

Sunday, November 30, 2008

November flowers...are they my favourites?

I have finally broken my waterlily curse! - I actually got these gorgeous specimens to open for me.  

A beautiful sympathy sheath of yellow concodore lilies, yellow roses, a cymbidium stem, dark burgundy calla lilies, set in ky flower and hellebore foliage.

Gorgeous fluffy white peonies for the sweetest November bride...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I think November must be my favourite month - pink peonies and copper beech foliage are a match made in heaven. These peonies are some of the fullest I've seen. 

This is a beautiful posy I put together using the most amazing hot pink peonies, pink copper beech and parsley flower from the garden. 

Using a ceramic vase I brought home from Koh Samui, the blue-green hosta leaves and miniature pale pink calla lillies sat beautifully in this simple arrangement.