Thursday, January 29, 2009

Glamourous Glamelia Bouquets...

Popular in the 1940's, Glamelia bouquets are a glamourous option for brides looking for a vintage style bouquet. Handmade from individual petals (gladiola, rose, lilies etc) and wired to create a gorgeous single bloom they resemble a camellia - hence the name! I have also heard them referred to as carmen roses/lilies, malmaison roses, rose duchesse, composite flowers or fantasy flowers.

Two examples using gladiola. Gladdies create beautiful soft, feathery bouquets.

A pink rose version, set in a dodder vine frame, with ivy foliage, succulents and berries to create a unusual bridal bouquet.


  1. Geez, they would have kept u busy.
    They are amazing, especially the white gladioli.

  2. Those are gorgeous! I just did a blog post about this and linked to your site! ;)

    Rainflower Company
    Fabulous Fleurs

  3. Aloha for this post on the the composite flower! I had a client trying to explain what she wanted and this pretty much what she was talking about. Thank you for a quality bolg!

    Much Aloha, Agela Liva Decoite
    Promises in Paradise, maui wedding planners